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Heat Press District® is the leading online provider of digital printing supplies and equipment. We have years of experience in heat transfer textile printing, and we specialize in carrying one of the most dependable heat transfer vinyl, Bri-Flex™, that comes in various colors and patterns to suit all your needs of any apparel decoration projects you are on. We also offer the most competitive pricing for heat press machines Hotronix® and Maxx® as well as their accessory parts such as pads, covers, shelves, and different types of platens for specific products you are embellishing on.
At Heat Press District®, our number one goal is to ensure your satisfaction with the highest quality and service to help your business succeed. Regardless of which steps you are in on your project or what kind of products you might need, our team of craft work enthusiasts will be there for you not only to make sure the best products and services delivered at you and also to help you make the right decisions on every purchase you make by providing the most reliable information and knowledge gained from years of hand-son experience in the crafting industry.

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