The Hotronix Fusion™ line features Threadability™, the ability to quickly and easily position garments on the lower platen and rotate to decorate any area on the item, increasing production speed. The Fusion is the only heat press in the industry with patented dual functions, allowing the user to choose between a swinger or draw press. The user-friendly touch screen technology lets the user program unlimited application settings, count production cycles, and turn on or off automatically, in multiple languages. Available in both manual and air-powered models.

The Air Fusion™ offers a hands-free alternative with an auto-swing, as well as 50 percent more pressure than other heat presses in the market, and is the only heat press with patented Auto Adjust Pressure; automatically adjusting to the thickness of the item being heat pressed.

The Hotronix® automatic line is equipped with the patented Twin Timer™ feature that allows the user to program two independent time settings for any two-step process without resetting the timer. It’s perfect for tacking, pre-heating garments, two-color applications, texturizing, and more!

The patented auto-open feature provides the convenience of an air powered heat press without an air compressor. This enables you to multi-task, avoiding over-application and ruined garments.

These machines have magnetic-assisted lockdown, an auto-opening feature, and digital time & temperature controls offering unparalleled benefits at an excellent price. Available in four heat press styles: shirt, cap, 6 x 6, and hover.

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